German companies are benefiting from growing global demand for green products, processes and services, as a glance at the market volume for environmental technology and resource efficiency in Germany clearly shows: In 2016, this market was worth EUR 347 billion.

Volumes in the lead markets for environmental technology and resource efficiency in Germany in 2016 (EUR billion)

A global market share of 14 percent in 2016 for green tech products made in Germany testifies to German providers' healthy position on foreign markets. Given that Germany's share of global economic output is 5 percent, the German green tech sector is clearly continuing to punch above its weight on international markets.

German companies' share of the global market in environmental technology and resource efficiency in 2016 by lead market (percent)

The importance of environmental technology and resource efficiency to Germany's economy is reflected not only in rapid growth in market volumes and growing demand for exports, but also in the industry's increasing contribution to economic output. In 2013, green tech accounted for 13 percent of Germany's gross domestic product (GDP) – up two percentage points since 2011.

Environmental technology and resource efficiency acts as a catalyst to the modernization and competitiveness of the economy. A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises line up among the ranks of Germany's green tech players. These environmental technology providers uphold the traditional virtues of Germany's much-vaunted Mittelstand, its SME segment. Specifically, they are strong on exports, impressively innovative, deeply committed to research and development, and responsible for a large number of start-ups.