The quality and availability of water is of pivotal importance to all aspects of human existence, from food, health and the environment to energy production and economic development. The volume of water extracted worldwide has tripled in the last 50 years. Many regions have seen a substantial increase in the pollution of water resources, as fertilizers and pesticides produce pollutants that pass into groundwater, for example.

Against this backdrop, one of the biggest challenges of the coming decades will be to prevent further escalation of the global water crisis. Given increasing demand for water, this will only be possible through sustainable management of water resources, meeting the basic needs of current generations without endangering the livelihood of the generations to come.

The fact that this goal can be realized only with the aid of efficient environmental technology makes sustainable water management so important as a green tech lead market. This particular lead market breaks down into four market segments that, together, model the key stages in the water management cycle: water production and treatment, the water system, wastewater cleaning, and increasing the efficiency of water usage.

Market segments und key technology lines